When dealing with your car, there is nothing more important than having a great relationship with a competent mechanic you can trust. The value of having a trusted mechanic who knows your vehicle inside & out, understands the history of repairs made, and has the experience to anticipate issues or problems down the road is invaluable to all automobile owners.

At ToyoMasters, all of your communication from start to finish will be with the technician working on your car. We see the dealership layers that keep the customer away from directly communicating with your mechanic as unnecessary & inefficient. This one-on-one relationship between driver/owner and mechanic creates clear communication, transparency, and allows both business and customer to be on the same page with regard to timeline and expectations.

At ToyoMasters, we help you understand how your car performs and what it needs. Our customers often stand along side of their technician to look under the hood, and have the opportunity to learn something about what goes where or why a service needs to be performed, and what can wait.

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